Intro to Wearables Week 1

Task: Create a creative, soft circuit with two LEDs and 1 switch.

To start this creative circuit, I started with a simple idea of a paper doll, but instead of paper using fabric and when a piece of clothing was placed then the switch would be closed and two LEDs would be lit. I thought about using snap buttons because they were metal and hopefully conductive. I started by drawing it out, which is displayed below.


Then I cut a piece of felt and mapped out the circuit and figure. Then I bent the LEDs and sewed them on. Then I connected both the LEDs in parallel to the bottom half of a snap button and then sewed two top snap button halves on an additional piece of felt. Then I matched up the top buttons to the placement of the second bottom half so that the buttons would match up. After that I worked on the battery holder. I followed the instructions on the powerpoint from class to create the battery holder and then I completed the circuit by connecting the cathodes of the LEDs to the negative/ground side of the battery. I wasn’t sure if the circuit would work or if the snap buttons would be conductive enough to act as switches, but sure enough it worked. I also learned that these circuits are semi-permanent and take a lot of work, so planning ahead of time is really important.

Since this is the first assignment I’ve done since the fall, I forgot all about documentation until I had already almost completed the circuit. Below are my documentation photos, final photos and a video of the circuit in action.