Sound In Space Week 1

In these assignments, I’ll be exploring the relationship between sound and space for the first time. The work I usually produce has to do with mathematical abstractions in animation, but eventually I would like to merge sound with those visuals. 

I’d like listeners to listen to my work with an open or blank mind and ear, and to take note of what images emerge during listening progresses. Those experiencing my work should focus on the different tones and how the perception of these tones may affect how they orient themselves in space with respect to the main source. Ultimately, the goal is to convey how sound changes based on the medium it is delivered within and also based on the physical space it is played within. As I am using tone.js, please try to focus mainly on tones as they will be the main sounds. At the moment, I am in the beginning stage of exploring sound and will be producing primarily beeps and boops. In the future, with more experience, I hope to use math to transform the sounds into something that’s generative.

Things to look out for (rubric?):

  • Does changing your position or movement alter your listening experience?

  • Are the sounds beyond beeps and boops?