Hacking Smart Toys Week 7/8

Week 7 User Testing:

Prior to the user test:

  • Cut out different shapes to test form factor

  • Painted the pieces

  • Created a board for the pieces to reside on

  • Utilized an arduino, p5.js, fsr’s and magnets to create a board with pieces that create ocean sounds


  • The kids were bothered that the pieces didn’t fit exactly, in the magnetic puzzle due to some issues with the magnet placing

  • The kids didn’t notice the tape on the board or the sounds (sometimes)

  • They liked the puzzle pieces that were the most “complex” or traditional of a puzzle

  • They’d like more pieces or maybe the pieces were too large

  • Different sounds or a different theme along with different durations or more variation in sound

Week 9 Class Feedback:

  • Suggestions:

    • Classmates:

      • Change sounds to be audio narratives

      • Cartoonish visuals (ex. Cartoon characters on some pieces)

    • Stefania:

      • Incorporate AI with image recognition

        • Allows more freedom/exploration with the modularity of our pieces

      • Create more diverse shapes

Week 8 Feedback:

  • Based off feedback determined next steps:

    • Finalizing the puzzle shapes: determining size, shape, number of pieces and base board size

    • Changing the theme along with sounds

      • Utilizing RGB values to elicit sounds via webcam

    • Incorporating AI:

      • SketchRNN() in ml5 and a webcam

      • AI function will give the user a shape or animal that the puzzle pieces most resemble after the puzzle is completed