Hacking Smart Toys Week 14

Final Project Documentation: Suzzle

Shawn Ma, Olivia Kung, Rachel Lim

Below is the final presentation that we gave for Suzzle. In the presentation, there is information about our concept, process (all iterations) and user tests.

Suzzle is a sound puzzle that is meant to encourage critical thinking skills with dynamic puzzle pieces.

The materials we used were sheets of acrylic for the puzzle pieces that were laser cut and a webcam with a stabilizing arm that was used to produce sound. We used Processing with the external webcam attached in order to produce sound. In the Processing program, we took the RGB values of each pixel from the webcam and average them together. Based on the average of the overall image on the video, different sounds are triggered. The pixel calculating functions that we used are from Danny Rozin’s The World: Pixel by Pixel class.

In order to assemble the puzzle, please use the illustrator file in the github to laser cut the pieces. Then connect a webcam to the computer that will be running the Processing code and make sure the webcam has a view of the puzzle pieces.

Below is a link to our code and fabrication files along with some pictures and a video demonstrating how Suzzle works.


Final photos

Demo video