Hacking Smart Toys Week 1

Design journal assignment: Share a story about an evocative object from your childhood

As a child, I played with a lot of toys and objects. I went through phases a lot, between wind up toys, magnetic LEGO like things (they had magnetic spheres that had little sticks you attach to it), and furbies that I quickly destroyed because I thought they were evil. One of my favorite categories of toys were dolls. The most memorable type of doll that I played with were brats dolls. I think I liked those type of dolls because of how strange they looked with a huge head and feet and a small body. I also liked the sound that the feet made when you popped them on and off. I also found joint movement to be really weird in all dolls as a kid. I used to try to break/test the limits of the joints by bending them as much as I could. I used to take baths with the dolls and wash their hair. The most memorable time I had playing with dolls was when I tried to curl a dolls hair after washing it. I had gotten a hold of my moms curling iron without her knowledge and turned it on. I think I melted the dolls hair and while I was trying to figure out what to do, I accidentally put the hot curling iron on exposed skin above my knee and burned myself pretty badly. I guess that story is memorable because I had injured myself and I still can’t explain why I thought my leg was the best resting place for a scalding iron. I also didn’t tell my mom because I thought she would be mad at me. I think this is one of the most memorable stories with an object in my childhood because I can’t explain my thought process behind my choices. It was scaring (quite literally) but also led me to never use a curling iron again, but I still played with dolls after that.