Live Image Processing & Performance Week 4

Document & comment on your 3 minute live performance.

My approach to creating my video playback system was to combine a bunch of things together that I liked. I had a lot of difficulty to start off because Max was extremely slow and basically unusable on my own machine. It really made it hard to work on a dynamic playback system. I started out by combining the two playback systems that I previously created. I tried to get more randomized and automated because I didn’t have as much control over the system as I would have liked (it kept freezing). I thought more about the video aspect rather than the performance aspect. I focused a lot on getting comfortable with Max (although I’m still not too comfortable with it). I added some lines from, I also maybe misplaced some focus there, but I learned how to somewhat use, so I don’t feel that the focus was misplaced. I really wanted to play with two videos and contrast it, but I feel that the way I did it somehow made my program really slow. I’m not too comfortable with live video, the manipulation of live video, and performance, so I just tried to do my best in creating something. The most difficult aspect was the playback speed, because I was running many objects at once, it was slowing down tremendously, because of this I wasn’t actually able to get a full recording of a practice run of my performance. Once I started playing video, it would slow down tremendously so for the video below I patched together practice runs in order to have a practice video to show. I also tried to incorporate jit.ameba into my patch, but I was unable to do so because whenever I added jit.ameba my patch wouldn’t run at all basically. Also the video below is a little longer because my screen would not record properly (I think I was trying to run too many things at once, i.e. Max & a screen recording).

In terms of my performance, I didn’t really have a concept or narrative. I think that story telling, narratives, and concepts are important, but just not something I had enough time to try or think about, I was mainly concerned with having something showing on the screen. I just used the content that I gathered from the first assignment and manipulated that. I just really focused on the patch itself for this performance.