Live Image Processing & Performance Week 3

Continue building a video playback system.

I am still getting used to the visual component of max, its quite frustrating that I have to physically connect lines to get stuff to work, but am working on it. I focused a little bit on this week along with the system because I want to incorporate other things besides video. I watched the tutorials and tried some stuff with that, some pictures and gifs are below. I am trying to work on combining the with the stuff together and then I’ll work on customizing it the way I’d like. In terms of the video playback system, I used some examples from class once again and tried to experiment with some other things as well. I tried to combine the two playback systems, but the video doesn’t play well, so I separated them and focused on what we learned this week. I need to adjust the numbers a bit more, but I like the idea of having something abstract combined with something that’s more geometric and precise.

I’m still not sure what I want to do for my performance. I am not comfortable in front of people, so the performance will probably be pre-programmed? I know I’ll try and incorporate and together. Other than that, as I continue to work on the playback system I know that I’ll come up with more ideas for the performance.

One thing that I’m really frustrated, which is very simple, is how to scroll with the floating point numbers within the decimal points. I’m just generally frustrated with max cause I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing and just trying to see if I connect this will it work, etc. Another thing I’ve encountered is, when I’m in an endless loop of opening a file, is there a way to get out of it? I accidentally connected it to a toggle button so it was constantly getting pushed, so I just had to quit out of it. I’m also running into performance issues while trying to combine to videos together and also manipulate their rotation.