Live Image Processing & Performance Week 2

Start building a video playback system.

I mainly focused on getting comfortable with Max and trying to understand the connections. So far, I have a pretty simple playback system. I really like the function of randomness, so I added the examples that utilized randomness. I started by playing video and jumping from one random frame to the next. Then I added a random color ghost plane effect and an effect that randomizes the pixelization of the video. I’m having some difficulty adjusting to the visual programming and altering examples to produce unexpected effects. Right now I’m mainly focusing on learning and familiarizing myself of Max. I find it frustrating to have to connect the lines from one point to another, where I'd usually just write out a function or something of that sort. Next steps include adding more effects, cleaning up what I have and experimenting more by possibly combining the effects that I already have together.

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 11.30.22 PM.png