Live Image Processing & Performance Week 11

Final Performance Idea:

  • this will be a solo performance utilizing the 3-channel installation with no additional installation elements (physically)

  • 3-channel installation will be used to show different camera views using

  • after talking with Matt during office hours, I wanted to explore the world of generative visuals because this is something that I’m interested in and have done before

  • this is an exploration of generative patterns utilizing a different medium than I usually use (p5.js or processing)

  • usually the things I create are very geometric and rigid, I’d like to go beyond this and try to do something more fluid or “natural”

  • using Max MSP and jitter objects (probably), I will try to achieve these types of visuals

  • I need to explore different examples to see the exact look I would like to achieve, I have so far checked out Andrew Bensons jitter recipes and am still working my way through them, I am also looking at the branched off examples of other people using these recipes, but will try to also look into some other examples after

  • a list of things I need to figure out:

    • the exact type of “aesthetic” I am trying to achieve

    • and if this is the exact route I’d like to go

    • exploring this generative world enough to create something that would be somewhat unique to my own style

  • so far, I am in the researching phase, so the next step is to start the max patch and finish it with enough time so I can practice a lot before the performance