Live Image Processing & Performance Week 1

Use a cell phone to record 5 - 10 minutes of short clips. Think of moving imagery in the following contexts: Light, Color, Shape, Movement, Texture, Depth/Focus, Juxtaposition.

Let me start off by stating that taking five to ten minutes of video in a week is really difficult. I usually take more photos than video because I get impatient with standing in one spot for a while taking a video. I also found myself taking a lot of videos of things that were still. My method to taking the videos were by doing what I normally do. I tried to look more into my surroundings so I could capture it. I focused a lot on texture by zooming into things or by getting an up close view. I did some close ups of things I use everyday like water, of things I encounter regularly like a dog and of some random things like packaged meat in the grocery store. I did nothing special in my methods of how to capture it, I usually just zoomed in or physically moved closer. I didn’t really think a lot about composition or staging. I just captured things I thought were to look at or techniques I saw in other things that I wanted to try out. For example, over the break I saw the work of a photographer who took images of the sun and I tried out that technique in a video. I don’t know if I thought of imagery in the given contexts, but below are some gifs of the videos that I took.