Object Tracing Robot

Object Tracing Robot


A project completed in the Spring (2017) for Physical Computing Studio. I partnered with a cognitive science major to create a robot that traces objects on top of a white board table, using an Arduino UNO.

The objective of this project was to make a wheeled robot that completes a challenge on a whiteboard table. Our personal goal of the project was to trace objects placed on a whiteboard table. 

We tried to achieve this by using an Arduino UNO, a standard push button switch and various motors. 


The main idea behind our design was that the robot would continually go straight until the push button switch hit an object. Once the button was pushed, the left wheel would start slowing down as the right wheel sped up and the servo motor would move the whiteboard marker to be perpendicular to the board, allowing it to trace the object. The purpose of the right wheel speeding up was so that the robot would continually go left allowing the object to be traced. I designed the encasing for the hardware using Rhinoceros 3D and laser cut the encasing from acrylic.


In the end, the robot did not successfully trace any objects. The robot just continually went one speed in one direction and the push button switch did not work. While completing the project, my partner and I had communication issues and we split up the work too abruptly. I mainly had to do with the physical design and assembly of the robot and my partner handled the hardware and code. We also did not fully utilize and portion our time well, which ultimately led to our downfall. Personally, I learned that communication is very important. While working with another partner, I should be more open about offering my help and splitting up the work in a more diverse manner.