Visual Language Blog 5


I was unsure how to proceed in creating a postcard for the ITP show. I hadn’t thought of an idea in time to base my postcard on a photo or photos of the people at ITP. My first idea was using a grid of circles that resembled LEDs on a breadboard, but the design submissions called for a more humanistic view of ITP. I still went about creating the post card because I thought making the postcard would ignite more ideas. Below is the first postcard that I made.


After making the postcard, I realized that “ITP” was difficult to read and it did not show the humanistic side of ITP at all because it was a breadboard. I then tried to think of ITP as a whole and everyday when you enter ITP you walk past the wooden mirror. I thought adding the wooden mirror onto the postcard would preview how students at ITP connect their technological knowledge with interaction. I started out with a grid of squares and overlaid the following image onto illustrator.

I changed the color of the squares accordingly and tried to create a pixelated face to the best of my ability. I started out with a brown version of the postcard, which is below.


I then tried to experiment with the color of the postcard, so for the final version of my postcard I created a blue version with a white and black background below.