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Examples of Successful Signage


These are some examples of successful signage that I stumbled upon. I really like signs that are simple and get to the point, when there are too many things cluttering a sign, it gets quite confusing. I really liked the pharmacy sign cause I thought that it was simple and to the point. I like how the color palette is somewhat muted, but the main attributes pop out. In the upper sign, they want to convey that they are a pharmacy so the white in contrast with the forest green really helps with that. Then on the overhang, they emphasize their name. Since the overhang is below the main sign, there is a hierarchy in the information that they are telling. I also really liked this street sign for a barbershop that changed locations. It first states the businesses name, then italicizes that they have moved to a new location and then states what the new locations address is. It uses color to emphasize the new locations address. It also uses color to catch people’s eyes while passing by the sign.


These are some examples of unsuccessful signage. The one to the left were some signs that I saw while I was in Flushing. They both are created for products under the same company. I thought these were some examples of unsuccessful signage because the background pictures don’t really explain what the product does. The sign all the way to the left has both Chinese, Korean, and English text, but none of the text seems to overlap between language. The sign to the right has an eye, which means the product is for eye support, but the describing text is small in comparison to the other text and difficult to read. I saw this other sign while just passing by a busy storefront area. The first thing that caught my eye was that there was no business name, for a sign that advertised a business. It just lists a bunch of things that they carry and the brands they carry, but no indication of what the store’s name is. I was also confused by the sign because I wasn’t sure if it was an advertisement for the store or for another store, since there is no identifying information. Upon looking on Google Maps, there is no business located where the sign is posted, so if I were to fix this sign, I’d probably reduce the amount of clutter that is present on the sign. I’d also distinguish if this was a sign for the store it was posted in front of (the store was closed when I passed by) or if it was an advertisement for store at another location. Placing the business name in the center and putting an address below the name would help clarify the sign. By listing the items that the store carries on the side in small text or replacing all the words with a general categorizing word like “electronics”, would make it so the pictures could be removed from the background. The brand names on the bottom of the sign could also be replaces with a phrase like “we carry all major brands”. Something similar to the photo below. I made up a name for the business and did a very rough, photoshop alteration of the sign.