Video and Sound Blog 6


Olivia Kung, Cara Neel, Elvin Ou

Some Thoughts

Throughout this process, I learned a lot about making and editing videos. The first thing I learned, was having a really strong and clear story board/idea makes shooting the video a lot easier and helps flesh out certain details that might be missing. Upon shooting, we learned that there will always be factors that you cannot control completely and equipment can also limit the scope of your production, so settling on a happy medium between what you can and cannot control helps a lot in those situations. After shooting and reviewing the video, I learned that starting with rough cut and then fine tuning things will help move the editing process forward. When we fixated too much from shot to shot, the entire video started to look weird because we were rewatching the same thing over and over again. I also learned that the main character should be shown around the same size from shot to shot, or it will become too jarring (i.e. during walking shots). While editing the video, we wish we shot different/more views, which was not possible to reshoot because we used outside actors and a different location, so next time I will make sure to get a lot more footage of various angles. Overall, I think that my group and I collaborated really well and shared the work really evenly. For the most part, we worked together to edit the video together and work on most of the other aspects as a group. I think we communicated well and basically had the same vision for the video, which made it easy to collaborate and I really enjoyed this entire process.