Video and Sound Blog 4 & 5

During week 4, we filmed our raw footage for our video project. We followed our story board, but also captured extra shots. We did multiple takes and after reviewing the footage, were pretty happy with our results. The main difficulty was trying to direct our actor and actress without being too demanding, although we were still pretty demanding. We also had some issues with lighting and sensor constraints. Other than that, our filming went very smoothly. We captured ambient noise and also the key noises that we needed (i.e. door opening, foot steps…). Overall, I think filming went really well and I’m excited to proceed and edit our video. Below are some process photos that Elvin and Cara took.

During week 5, after filming, we created a rough cut of our video using Premiere. We started with a rough cut that consisted of a really long intro and a very short ending, but decided to cut some parts from the beginning and extend the ending a little bit. We also realized that we didn’t take some extra shots (i.e. closeups of the device), but decided to slow down the frame rate in order to solve that problem a little bit. We put the an ambient, but solemn song to the rough cut in order to convey a lonely tone and then utilized volume in order to change the tone a little bit as the story progressed. Mainly we will use color correction in order to fully convey the message that we want to achieve, but we will color correct once we have finalized our rough cut.