Physical Computing Blog 9

The Friendship Game

with T & chunhan

Idea: It can be difficult to communicate with other people while determining their intentions. We want to demonstrate how difficult that communication can be by creating a friendship game. There are two players involved and each player receives a set of five buttons. The players cannot see each other and expected to push the same emotion at the same time. Once a button is pushed, it cannot be pushed again and when both players push the same button, the level of friendship is shown on a pixelated screen.

Initial Sketches:


Bill of Materials:

  • arduino

  • breadboards

  • LED x10

  • pushbutton x10

  • pixel displaying screen x2

  • acrylic (enclosure)

  • black material (enclosure)

Weekly Plan:

  • Week 1: discuss ideas, plan materials

  • Week 2: buy supplies, refine idea (flesh out final details, what types of buttons how the game will go, etc.), play test/test circuit (simple circuit with 2 buttons)

  • Week 3/4: prototype, build/assemble hardware (incorporate more buttons into hardware, possibly think of communicating with multiple arduinos)

  • Week 5: user test, final changes, final fabrications (look nice), final enclosures

  • Week 6: documentation

Here is a link to view T and I play testing our friendship game.