Physical Computing Blog 12

The Friendship Game: Playtest

with T & chunhan

Idea: There are two players involved and each player has a set of 5 shape-halves. The players cannot see each other and are shown a prompt on an LCD screen. The prompt tells them to choose a shape that about their feelings toward a certain emotion. The chosen shapes are placed on a ledge. If the shapes match up (through the RFID tag), they will be rewarded with happy noises and a point will be added to their total, which will be indicated using LEDs. If they shapes do not match, LEDs will light up smaller versions of the shapes, so each player can see what the their opponent chose and the shapes will fall (triggered by a servo). After three successive matches, a candy box on top of the wall will open (triggered by a different servo).

Current Progress: We have gotten most if not all of the hardware connected and working (small things like randomizing word order and making the speakers louder are all that is left). We have printed the shapes that we will be using, but need to change some shapes because some of the shapes are too similar. We have to construct the wall and to implement the hardware into the wall (i.e. soldering longer wires).

Below are some pictures of our progress this past week: