Physical Computing Blog 11

The Friendship Game: Playtest

with T & chunhan

Current Idea: There are two players involved and each player has a set of 5 shape-halves. The plays cannot see each other and are given a prompt. The prompt tells them to choose a shape and each player places their chosen shape on a ledge. If the shapes match up (through the RFID tag) after a successive number of matches, then the players are rewarded with candy, if the shapes do not match, the shapes will fall (triggered by a servo).

After user testing, we each went over a list of observations/comments that we gathered. We ended up having a lot of the same suggestions, like score keeping or being able to see the other player/the other players choices. We incorporated the suggestions that we wanted to incorporate, created a new bill of materials, and planned for the weeks to come. Chunhan and T got the RFID reader to work along with the LCD screen (that will display the score).

Bill of Materials:

  • Hardware

    • RFID reader (NFC shield PN532 13.56 MHz)

    • RFID tags (13.56 MHz) x 10

    • arduino

    • button (for resetting or starting)

    • standard LCD display x 2 (displaying question)

    • speakers x 2

    • LED x 7 (displaying if the other player is reader and for score keeping)

    • servo x 3 (dropping shapes/dispensing candy)

  • Materials

    • acrylic

    • shelf

    • wood

    • screws

    • corner brackets

    • attachment blocks

    • shapes

Weekly Plan:

  • Week 11/19 - 11/25: get RFID reader working, get LCD display working, order hardware parts, system diagram/wireframe

  • Week 11/26 - 12/2: assemble hardware, start coding hardware, make shapes, buy materials for wall/shapes

  • Week 12/3 - 12/8: assemble shelf/wall, make shapes part 2, create questions

  • Week 12/9 - 12/12: last minute changes/documentation

Below is a wire frame for user experience:

Below are some pictures of our notes from our planning session: