Physical Computing Blog 10

The Friendship Game: Playtest

with T & chunhan

New Idea: There are two players involved and each player has a set of 5 shape-halves. The plays cannot see each other and are given a prompt. The prompt tells them to choose a shape and each player places their chosen shape on a ledge. If the shapes match up (through the RFID tag) then the players are rewarded with candy, if the shapes do not match, the shapes will fall (triggered by a servo).

Bill of Materials:

  • arduino

  • wall (physical)

  • RFID reader x2

  • RFID tag x10

  • shapes x10 (TBD)

  • servo x4

  • wooden shelf x2 (to hold shape)

  • pretty candy

  • tube or box (for candy)

Weekly Plan:

  • Week 1: discuss ideas, plan materials

  • Week 2: buy supplies, refine idea, play test/test circuit

  • Week 3/4: prototype, build/assemble hardware

  • Week 5: user test, final changes, final fabrications (look nice), final enclosures

  • Week 6: documentation