ICM Blog Post 9

Final Project Proposal: Frankenstein

Title: Unsure (TBD)

Description: TBD


  • It’s for anyone and everyone.

  • People will experience it visually?

  • Hopefully it will be interactive and fun.

  • Probably will not be practical, emotional or provoke something.

Usual Process:

  • Start with a small idea or picture.

  • Mess around in p5.js till I go in a direction that I like or looks good.

  • Work on it till I think it’s done or I get tired/frustrated.

Some Thoughts?:

  • Using data rich api’s to generate some sort of visual pattern like week 7 sketch (here).

  • Incorporating sound in a more manual way ICM madness (here) or a different input like week 8 sketch (here).

  • Utilize geometry and movement a little more? Repetitive patterns? (See below) I usually use a very long repetitive method to create the below images/gifs, that could be made with code?

“Inspiration” from Previous Work:



  • How do start your homework assignments/get your creative process started?

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