ICM Blog Post 12: A Series (of Accidents?)

A Series (of Accidents?)

My final project is a series of sketches that I did over the last couple of weeks. Over that time period, I created around 50 sketches. In the beginning, the only thing tying all of my sketches together was Perlin noise, but as I created more sketches, I based each sketch off of the last one that I had created. Another thing that my sketches all had in common were that they were all accidents, or not what I had originally intended on doing.

In the beginning, I hard coded the sketches to fit a (200, 200) canvas, because that was the method that I was used to. After thinking about presentation and speaking to Mimi, I decided to try to challenge myself and convert my existing sketches and make my future sketches more dynamic (due to time, I didn’t get a chance to change all of my sketches). Of course, I ran into some problems, but those problems just lead to more accidental sketches.

I was really unsure about presentation because I initially wanted to present all the sketches I had created on one page as smaller thumbnails and when one sketch was clicked on, it would fill the entire screen. This initial plan did not end up happening because at least for class presentation purposes, I did not want to show all of my sketches and I thought it would take away from the initial experience. I chose a few that I particularly liked and that I thought would show the progression across all of the sketches I created. I “converted” each sketch into instance mode so that I could combine all the sketches together in one giant sketch. I then used the keyTyped() function to flip through the sketches and ran into a lot of problems there (i.e. too many sketches running in one page, not being able to clear the entire page without deleting the entire sketch, etc.). I experimented a lot, but eventually found a round about way of accomplishing this by deleting the canvas using the id number by using the p5.dom function remove().

Overall, I practiced creative coding a lot by created a lot of sketches. I also learned a lot about dynamic coding, instance mode, and how to achieve what I want by combining different preset functions.

Below are some gif’s of a couple of sketches that I decided to present in class. Here is the link to the github repository that holds all of sketches that I created.

This was presented in the winter show (2018) and for the presentation, I created 3 mirror boxes for users to each have an individual experience. I utilized three small monitors in order to displayed the sketches in chronological order. Below are some pictures of the mirror boxes being used.

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