Animation Blog Post 3


Olivia Kung


Some Thoughts

I was inspired by a music video animation that I had seen over the summer. I really liked how weird this animation was and how the line is blurred between the realistic figures and the robotic movements. I have also always wanted to animate in 3D, but knew that the process of rigging and modeling was very time consuming for a beginner like myself, so when we got introduced to fuse and mixamo, I was intrigued cause the process was so easy. I wanted to created a brief dance cycle using an alien character. I created an alien lady wearing yoga clothes so she would be comfortable enough to dance and the clothing choices on fuse were limited. Then in mixamo, I exported many different dance animations. Creating the landscape in unreal engine was pretty simple, I changed the color of water by changing the color of the material. I also tried to change the color of the sky, but that didn’t work out as simply as changing the color of water. My biggest difficulty in unreal engine was moving around the world comfortably. Then I placed the aliens in the world. It was easy to get them moving, but I found it extremely difficult to transition between animations and to keep stationary poses in between animations. The camera was also pretty easy to move around, but it was difficult cause the camera kept moving without adding keyframes for the movement. I believe I moved one part of the animation and it somehow made my camera move as well. In order to prevent this, I added extra keyframes to keep the camera somewhat stationary, but there is still some slight movements. Also to counteract the transition between animations, I tilted the camera to the sky. The biggest problem I had with unreal engine was exporting the video. The render quality no matter how many settings I change, would not get any better. There were also extra camera movements that I didn’t see in the preview screen that got rendered out and the aliens didn’t move the exact same way as it did in the preview screen. Overall, I will probably continue to work with unreal engine to create more animations like this cause I found the process kind of enjoyable.