Animation Blog Post 2

ask your doctor

Sukanya Aneja & Olivia Kung


Some Thoughts

Our concept was based on pharmaceutical advertisements and we wanted to experiment with different types of assets and after effects in general. We created a bunch of assets that were mainly pills and doctors. We then utilized after effects to try and create mesmerizing patterns and repetitive motion. Sukanya focused on utilizing scripts and also provided us with the sounds that are used in the background. I focused on trying to learn after effects and just getting the type of pill patterns and motion that I wanted. When editing it all together, we tried to correspond the alternating sounds with alternating videos. We tried to create something that was a little confusing and weird. In the end, we created an interesting animation and I learned a lot about after effects. I think the most difficult part was that I was focusing on precise points and motion, so if I wanted to change the timing of the entire animation, I would have to change so many things. I also thought I could have figured a way to make the animations more streamlined rather than manually placing every object.

Click here to view some of the individual animations that we created for this video.