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Mustache Blues



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Some Thoughts

The concept of our piece was to have a boy who wanted to grow a mustache, but couldn’t so his mom placed a mustache on him while he was sleeping and he woke up happy and with a mustache. I thought that shooting this stop motion animation was really fun, but also slightly frustrating. I have a great respect for people who make stop motion, full length movies now. Starting off, making a normal looking human body out of clay and metal is really difficult. We followed the instructions to make an armature wire frame, but still had some difficulty later on keeping the figurines stand. Filming started out rough, we forgot to check things out and had some issues with the camera, but once the issues were resolved the filming went alright. Later on we had an issue where the high quality pictures did not match up with the low quality pictures, but we believed this was cause we didn’t wait long enough before progressing to the next shot. Filming shots that were perfectly matched up was slightly difficult because our figures would fall and then the scene would move and then it would be hard to match it up perfectly again, but we had to accept that we couldn’t control all the aspects and had to proceed with the process. Editing was easy and we were able to create the progression that we wanted. Overall, I think Joy and I worked well together and created a good stop motion film.