Task 3 & 5, Project 3 & 4: hand


Below is all the documentation for the tasks and projects concerning a 3D printed hand.

Task # 3 - Super Model

Completed for Task #3, I downloaded an existing 3D file from GrabCAD and kept it as is. I wanted to focus on drawing a hand, since figure drawing is something that I lack tremendous skill in. 


Project #3

Here is the documentation for a small hand that I 3D printed.

We were tasked with 3D printing a personal keychain using the NVBOT located in the IDeATe Fabrication Lab. The small hand was printed using grey PLA filament. Due to the specified size constraint, I printed a very small object. When it came to sanding and polishing the object, I was worried that this process would cause the smaller parts of my model to come off  or fall off, which is why my printed part is not completely polished. It was also difficult to completely sand and polish the part due to its small size. This is meant to be cast into a mold, so prior to molding I will paint the object to make it more smooth. Regarding the hole, I thought that the object was too fragile to print a hole into, so after the casting process, holes will be drilled into the copied objects.


Process Documentation


Process Documentation: Timelapse of printing


Analysis of wall thickness and moldability (parting line)


digital 3d renderings of final design


Final documentation


Prior to Project #4

The 3D hand that I printed for Project #3 was too small. In order to make an object that could be properly sanded, I doubled the size of my previous model and 3D printed the hand again. Since this is an in-between phase, I do not have process photos, since they would be the same as the previously taken process photos in Project #3, but with an object that is scaled by 2. I have re-taken the final photos for this bigger hand. 


Sanding of Bigger Hand


Final documentation of bigger hand


Project 4 & Task 5


 We were tasked with making a mold and copies of our original 3D printed part. I originally intended for the part line to be through the center perimeter of the hand. After multiple mold making attempts (3 attempts), I decided to make a one-part mold to see if I could create better replications of my original part. I believe the reason why my 2 part molds failed so many times was because of the intricacy of my part. My one-part mold did end up producing nice replications of my original part. In the finished cast, I decided to manually drill a hole to fulfill the keychain aspect of the project.


Process documentation


Final documentation

Olivia Kung