Cymatic Study

Cymatic Study


A project completed in the Spring semester (2017) for Physical Computing Studio. I created a study of sound in relation to motion, using an Arduino UNO. 

The objective of this project was to create a physical and interactive object or experience.

I've always been interested in the actuation of sound with interaction, which is why I did this type of study.  I tend to gravitate towards using sound, which is why a lot of my projects incorporate speakers in one way or another.


I utilized an Arduino UNO, two sonar sensors and two speakers. Each sonar sensor implemented sound on a speaker. I hardcoded a range of distances to correlate to a range of frequencies. I designed the physical encasing to be a table-top object due to the size of the speakers and sensors. The speakers are elevated so that they are some-what at eye level. The users hands are supposed to interact with the sonar sensors. I designed the encasing using Rhinoceros 3D and laser cut the encasing from acrylic. I designed the acrylic to lock into place, but secured the assembly using acrylic glue. 

I mainly studied the interaction of salt, water, and oobleck.


The main outcome of this project was the examine how different liquids and solids reacted with sound waves. I wanted to focus less on a finished, complete product and more on the interaction of sound with different materials. I also wanted to examine how interactivity comes to play when interaction leads to visual movement. Overall, I thought that my project was successful and I did learn how different liquids and solids interact with different frequencies and pitches. I do believe I could have come up with a more complete end product, but I wanted to focus more on the interaction more.